The Holiday Edit

Who, What, WEAR

To ensure you maintain your gift-giving gold status this year, we've tapped some of our favorite fellow female-founded brands to present their must-haves. These items are not only delightful to give but also serve as inspiration for our wishlists. 'Tis the season, so happy wrapping!

1. For the Skincare Fanatic - Sofie Pavitt

Sofie Pavitt, a New York-based esthetician and a genuine skincare wizard, has garnered a cult following for revolutionizing our approach to skincare. Drawing on her extensive experience from her studio on Grand St., Sofie has now introduced her own skincare line. The Nice Ice is a personal favorite and an absolute must-have! Consider gifting a pack of these wonders, or a gift card for an IRL experience of the magic.

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2. For the Art Lover - Ashley Harris

Gift wearable wonders with Don’t Let Disco, Ashley Harris’ meticulously curated collection of fabulous and playful jewels. From enchanting bracelets to delightful bag charms, each piece is a testament to Ashley’s commitment to transforming accessories into individual masterpieces. Their uniqueness not only makes them a joy to wear but also delightful gifts, ensuring that each recipient receives a one-of-a-kind treasure that mirrors their style!

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3. For the Hostess - Marcie Pantzer

Not your mother's stationery— Dear Annabelle is our ultimate destination for bespoke notepads, invitations, desk accessories, and more. Whether you opt for the timeless sophistication of a gold initial or choose from her more playful and cheeky offerings, give the gift of exciting thank-yous! Check out some of Marcie’s favorites below…

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4. For the Foodie - Anastasia Ganias-Gellin

Celebrated as 'the most delicious olive oil', Fancy Peasant is a harmonious blend of elixir and ingredients. These premium-quality oils and seasonings are infused with founder Anastasia Ganias-Gellin’s family traditions. Indulge in a selection of Anastasia's personal favorites below, guaranteeing that you give the gift of fabulous flavor for the holidays, and elevate your culinary experience with Fancy Peasant.

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