Interior Times with Zoe Feldman

A chat with with interior designer, tastemaker, and Cara Cara Crush, Zoe Feldman

Zoe Feldman, the vibrant visionary interior designer renowned for her effortlessly chic and wildly captivating aesthetic, answers our most pressing questions. Read on as she delves into her style, inspiration, favorites, and more. And peek behind the curtains of her beautifully layered DC home as she accessorizes her rooms with the new summer collection.

Do you find that your eye for interiors and fashion are one in the same, or surprisingly different? (i.e is there a color you love on a wall that you would never wear yourself? A print/trend you can’t get enough of in a dress that you wouldn’t put in a powder room, etc?)

My interiors tend to be saturated or have moments of saturation, and my closet is definitely similar. It is not a sea of black and white and gray. I get dressed with the same ethos I use to design homes, in that the foundation is classic, and the layers add surprise and interest. The color palettes, patterns, and textures in many of our designs are reflective of my personal style.

Zoe Feldman in her TV room
photography by Maeva Komenan

The three word style method, via Allison Bornstein, is often very telling! What three words come to mind when describing your style?

Bold, timeless, evolved 

What is the single most important factor in planning your outfit for the day?

Honestly, my mood and how comfortable I feel in my body that day. While I’d love to say I’ve achieved enlightenment in the realm of body positivity, the truth is that we live in a world that makes constantly embracing it feel like an uphill battle. So much of my job is client-facing, so I choose pieces that make me feel and look confident.

What are four of your can’t-live-without-this products?

  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask + Smoothing Mask:  It’s pricey, but I was told this product was like Botox in a bottle and I was not disappointed. It makes my skin radiant.
  • Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF:  I wore this every day on a recent vacation to Turks and Caicos and loved how the formula didn’t leave a white cast. It goes on clear but is still a zinc-based physical sunblock.
  • Lululemon Studio subscription:  I do these classes on my Mirror, which is now discontinued, but the workouts are accessible online or on an app. My schedule is super busy, so I’m an at-home exercise person.
  • Oura Ring: I’m trying to better understand my sleep patterns, and the Oura Ring does a really good job of analyzing my sleep health. It’s also not too bulky, and the gold style blends in nicely with my other jewelry. 

You recently launched a lovely lighting line with Mitzi, can you share a few favorites from the collection?

The Davida is so warm and textured. I have the large version over my dining table with a metallic de Gournay wallpaper, and I love the way it brings texture and grounding to the space. The Batya table lamp has a fun, modern feel with its color-blocked base, which has made it a customer favorite. You won’t believe how stunning the Cece Lantern is in person. It’s in our D.C. office entrance and the entry of my own home, and the slightly occluded glass emits the most beautiful light. And I can’t forget the Yael Sconce. How cute are those scalloped edges? 

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