A Dream Day in NYC

Our ideal itinerary

Cara Cara's headquarter's were based in a charming pre-war building on a leafy, brownstone-lined street at 67th and Madison for many years. We peered out at Central Park from one window and the luxury shops of Madison Avenue from the other. Bittersweetly, we recently outgrew our special little office space with terrazzo hall floors and original crown molding, but we still find inspiration in this beautiful Manhattan neighborhood. Here's a peek at our ideal day on the Upper East Side and the looks to accompany each activity...

Come for the cortados, but stay for the negronis on tap. Poppi is a beautiful neighborhood café nestled on a quiet side street by the park and is the perfect spot to perk up the workday. We love the Italian pastries and exclusive products from the Tuscan farm, Fattoria la Vialla. 

Is there anywhere more enchanting in the spring than Central Park? Enter at 67th Street on the east side this April to witness the daffodils in peak season.


Butterfield is a grab-n-go market that gives Nancy Myers vibes with its gourmet selection of prepared foods and picnic essentials, but the frozen yogurt window is where you'll find our team on a sunny NYC afternoon.

There's nothing as magnificent as the Impressionist paintings in the 19th and 20th Century exhibition galleries at The Met. Explore dynamic colors, dramatic scenes, and the alluring beauty of the paintings of the late 1800s. 

Creel and Gow is a jewel box of a boutique selling rare and exquisite objects such as silvered shells, amethyst bowls, and tasseled jeweled pendants. We love walking over on coffee breaks to peruse all of the nature-inspired beauties. They also serve fantastic inspo for our custom prints!