Mother's Day Muse

A chat with with artist, mother, and Cara Cara Crush, Lia Burke Libaire

We chatted with artist, mother, and Cara Cara Crush, Lia Burke Libaire; the vibrant visionary behind the eponymous art collection that continues to find its way onto our seasonal mood boards. Below, she answers our questions on all things motherhood, style, art, and travel.

How do you manage both running a business and being a mom? What advice would you give to any working mother? Running a business and being a mom is A LOT. For me, it’s really important to get my quiet alone time. It’s how I recharge… and keep from becoming a completely insane person. Working out, getting outside, spending time with the important people in my life, are also so important.. But the quiet alone time is really what I need in order to be creative and feel balanced. I think whatever it is that fills your proverbial cup, make sure to make time to do it for yourself. It is so important to prioritize ourselves, we know it… but it’s easier said than done.
Alice Keeney Photography

Has your style evolved or changed since becoming a mother?

"Yes and no. I have always favored being comfortable, but even more so now. My style definitely changed when I moved to Charleston from NY 7 years ago… for obvious reasons. My life feels less formal now that I’m not in the city, and I feel like life post-Covid is less dressy in general. These days, I am often running from my studio to a meeting to school pickup, so I want to look ‘put together,’ but still feel comfortable and like myself, so versatility is key."

What are your go-to pieces to feel put together on busy days? My go to pieces, or obsession, I should say, are well made jackets, blazers and coats. I need to stop buying them… but I can’t. And I guess that’s ok because nothing makes me feel more polished so quickly and effortlessly.
Alice Keeney Photography

Where is your favorite place to vacation with your family?

"Part of my family lives on the North Shore in Massachusetts- about an hour north of Boston, and we spend a big chunk of the summer there. It’s fun to spend all day at the beach, eat too much, and have down time with family. OR If we are feeling fancy we will go to Mustique, in the Grenadines, and really live it up!"

Your pieces are a color lover’s dream. How does fashion influence your art, and twofold art influence your style?  Thank you- color is fun! Life can be difficult and our world can feel very scary at times, art is an opportunity to feel colorful and joyful, even if just for a moment. I feel similarly about fashion, it’s a means of expression and in many cases, a happy and deserved distraction.
Alice Keeney Photography
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