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A chat with Emese Gormley

We caught up with the radiant Lipstick on the Rim co-host, Emese Gormley, on all things motherhood, beauty, fashion, and well, LIFE!

Read on for Emese’s beauty secrets, Cara Cara favorites, and more…

Images courtesy of Emese Gormely

Over the past few years, you’ve faced unimaginable challenges as a mom - what is the key to finding those silver linings?

I remember when we first got Grace’s real diagnosis (it’s a long story but she was initially misdiagnosed then told she was fine, then diagnosed for real 2 months later). We were quarantining as a family (grace and I both had COVID) and we got her biopsy results back. I actually found it in our patient portal before a doctor had even called us. I remember sitting outside on our deck and rereading it thinking I must be missing something. And while the next few hours, days, weeks were challenging, FINALLY knowing what was going on was almost easier. The unknown is sometimes the hardest - when you’re trying to figure it out, your brain can go into the darkest corners. Knowledge, here, was power. We could have a plan and as a family we could face it and overcome it. I never thought I would say that there were good things that came out of this experience - but shockingly there has been. Perspective on everything. It’s something that we all say or think we understand, but when your world gets flipped upside down one moment to the next, the way you view everything moving forward simply changes. And I’d like to say for the better. To have had friends show up like family makes me tear up as I think about it now. I lost my mom almost 10 years ago and her absence was exceptionally felt during those hard months of treatment. The other silver lining is seeing Grace just blossom since all of this - she used to be a classic middle child, but this journey has given her a sense of confidence, forced her to find her voice and advocate for herself and she carries herself just a little more proudly. She truly is our Amazing Grace. 

How has your style evolved since leaving the hustle and bustle of NYC?

I don’t know if it’s changed because I left NYC or because I just am so much more confident in my skin and have a stronger sense of self that I think comes with age. My style is more grounded in owning great pieces that work in many different ways. But always adding pops of color or fun to keep it interesting and stylish. I definitely have more fun with my clothes in the warmer months - I love a gorgeous printed dress because I spend so much of the colder months wearing neutrals and sweaters - a uniform if you will. I love Cara Cara so much because I think the pieces are still timeless even with their prints - they are the unique pieces that add the personality we look for that ultimately defines our style. And they just make me so happy. I also will say this - I wear heels SO much more living in the suburbs. Since I don’t have to schlepp everywhere, I just bop in and out of my car, I am never in pain and I also manage to keep them looking newer for longer lol. 

You co-host your podcast, Lipstick on the Rim, with your best friend, Molly Sims...what is your best piece of advice to those setting out to work with friends?

Communication and honesty. Don’t let something bother you and not share it because that never ends well. Luckily we communicate daily, so it’s something that doesn’t cause issues because we find ourselves on the same page almost always. 

What is the single most important factor in planning your outfit for the day?

What am I doing for the day. If I’m just working from home and then running around to pick kids up and drive car pools, I’m likely in jeans and a sweater and a great coat. I’ll let my accessories be the fun parts - a great pair of boots or a great purse. But if I’m going out or have a lunch or meeting, that changes everything! 

You have a full day of meetings, school pick-up, and a girls’ dinner that night - there’s no time to go home, what are you wearing?!

If something has to go through the day into night, then I’ve got to be honest I’ve been inspired by my friends Hally and Lauren over at OMG. They do a great job in making a cool print or dress with tights look cool. I’ll wear a long printed dress with tights, a pair of Isabel Marant or Khaite boots, my long Jenni Kayne coat and then a great bag. I just got the Toteme T-lock in the smaller size and I love that I can wear it cross body during the day but then tuck the straps in at night and it’s a beautiful clutch.

Images courtesy of Emese Gormely

As a trusted beauty source, what are four of your can’t-live-without-this products?

A great concealer (I love Chanel’s that comes in a little jar and then also Hourglass), bronzer (Chanel again, the cream one in the big jar), Westman Atelier Lit Up highlighter in Brulée and Biologique Recherche BioKiss lipbalm. 

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